About Lana

Whatever Lana does, she does big. In music, in business, and in the impact she makes in life, the Portland, Oregon based country singer/songwriter leaves a lasting impression on everyone she encounters. Currently preparing to take the music world by storm for a second time, she does so with an enthusiasm, determination and seductive flair that is unique and utterly her own — inspiring multitudes along the way with her unforgettable, soulful voice, shining talent and her dedication to making a difference in people’s lives.

Blessed with an enormous vocal range, great songwriting abilities and a comfortable and charismatic stage presence, Lana has been wowing audiences since she started singing at the Roadhouse Grill in Gresham, Oregon. She recalls, “I grew up loving music and singing. I sang at my aunt’s wedding when I was 13. One of my other aunts came up to me afterwards and said, ‘You really should do something with your voice.’ That comment has stayed with me all these years and it’s become very obvious I was blessed with this gift for a reason.”

A great business woman in addition to being a great talent, years later she started a successful mobile karaoke business which led to more people telling Lana that she had to become a professional singer. Singing karaoke also led to a new love for country music. She explains, “I didn’t grow up a huge country fan, but I fell in love with the country music of the 90s – Shania Twain, Lari White, Lisa Brokop, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood and Martina McBride have all been major influences. Since then, country (mixed with blues) is the music that truly expresses my soul.”

With characteristic grit and unyielding strength of mind, Lana devoted herself to her music — first at the Roadhouse where the skill with which she sang had patrons think they were listening to the radio. With a voice that earns comparisons to Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Alison Krauss and even Norah Jones, she began getting opening act opportunities for artists like Travis Tritt, Sammy Kershaw, Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Sara Evans; won the Washington State Country Showdown twice; was a regional finalist in the TNN Prime Time Country Road To Nashville Talent Series and was selected to compete in the Charlie Daniels Talent Roundup.

It was her debut album, “Be Careful What You Wish For”, that truly put her on the map and established her as an artist who could compete with any country singer, male or female. Recorded in Nashville and co-produced by Dick McVey, the album was a stunner that established her internationally as Lana received email after email from an ever-increasing fan base from around the world. DJs from all over the United States, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe have included Lana’s songs on their radio playlists, and she continues to get airplay. Herman de Geyter, a DJ from Belgium emailed, “After a first listen, I was wondering how it was possible that your album has not been released on a major label, but then — with the right people promoting and a little help from radio over there — you SURE are destined to be a HIT!” Using the internet to network with promoters, musicians, songwriters, and DJs, Lana established herself early as a singer who used cyberspace wisely to promote herself and communicate with her fans. She received invitations to perform at country festivals in Denmark and Australia. Raúl J. Tejeiro, a DJ from Uruguay wrote, “Yours is a beautiful CD which should be the envy of many “famous” artists recording for a big label.” Lana’s CD was the #17 top seller on CDBaby.com.

Being the entrepreneur that she is, Lana took a few years off to concentrate on building a business that would give her the financial freedom to get back to her love of music. She partnered with one of the fastest growing, most progressive companies on the internet today to become a virtual franchise owner and help in its mission to create the economy of the future. Offering millions of products and services, her online mall is larger than Amazon.com and rewards customers with free products for shopping at stores they already buy from like Best Buy, Apple, Expedia, Walmart, Target, etc. Specializing in wellness solutions, Lana has helped people overcome major health challenges and live healthier lifestyles while offering entrepreneurial options in a global economy. Her hard work, persistence and determination paid off. The wise detour by this former accountant now generates a residual, ongoing income stream that gives Lana the time freedom to put 100% of her focus back into her music.

“The personal growth I experienced while acquiring the necessary training to succeed with my business has prepared me to take the stage with renewed confidence and the kind of energy and vitality that comes from being in the best of health. It has been so rewarding to help people that I’ve become extremely passionate about it. Combining my passions — helping people and music — my goal now is to continue to touch people’s lives by writing and performing music that is not only entertaining but also empowering, healing and inspiring — changing the world one song at a time!” says Lana.

Lana is primed to make an even bigger splash than she did the first time. “I’m someone who makes things happen,” Lana exclaims with a knowing smile. Indeed she is. This natural born leader has been motivating and inspiring her peers since she was in grade school when she first ran and was elected as a class officer. Graduating in the top of her class from Centennial High School, Lana firmly believes in staying active and getting the most out of life. She was a varsity athlete in three sports (soccer, basketball and softball), served as Student Body 3rd Vice President, 1st Vice President and Senior Class President and was elected as Oregon State President of Future Business Leaders of America. She competed in many pageants and held the title of Miss Oregon Petite. Her senior class voted her “Most Likely To Succeed” and judging by her fire and tenacity, she has every intention of living up to that award.

Since getting back to her music she’s earned opening act honors for Dierks Bentley, Chris Young and Billy Currington. Most recently she was selected from hundreds of entrants to perform in front of  over 23,000 people at Miami’s American Airlines Arena for Market America’s World Conference to launch their independent artist venture called maMyWorld (see YouTube link below for video of performance).

“My motto is, ‘It’s better to shoot for the stars and miss than to aim for a pile of manure and hit.’ That’s what I live by,” says Lana. A big dreamer who refuses to let anything or anyone get in her way of reaching the top, she leads by example. “Success to me translates to a means to help a whole lot more people,” explains Lana as she expresses her desire to give back, share important lessons she has learned through her life experiences and help children, in particular. Single with no children of her own Lana is already planning to tour internationally and make her mark on the world.

Fans have been waiting for her long overdue sophomore album that was just completed with Dick McVey co-producing once again. “My first CD was recorded while going through a divorce. The new one is much more positive and upbeat and is about coming into my own and looking for love. Songs for my third CD are already in the works and will include learning lessons from a recent [spiritual] journey. My life has been quite an adventure. I have much to say and I look forward to sharing what I consider important messages through my music,” says Lana.

Lana has approached everything in her life with a self-assurance that inspires others to feel that same possibility for their lives. In all areas of her life she is inspiring people to do as she does — do it and do it big! She concludes, “If I can make a splash in this world by spreading love and joy through my music then I’ll have left my mark. Living my life with purpose and making an impact on the lives of others is what success means to me.” As she reaches for new heights in the coming years, it is assured that Lana will inspire those she sees along the way.